SEASN Office

Savska cesta 41
10 000 Zagreb

+385 14 88 2714

Milan Husnjak (Croatia)

President of SEASN

  • Senior coordinator for the international cooperation
  • Advisory Service Croatia


Snežana Janković (Serbia)


  • The Director
  • Institute for science application in agriculture, Serbia


Emanuela Dimitrova (Bulgaria)


  • Senior expert in “Trainings, information activities and analyses”
  • Department of General Directorate “Agricultural Advices and Analytical Laboratory”
  • NAAS, Bulgaria


Bajram Imeri

Bajram Imeri (Kosovo)


  • Head of Unit for Rural Development Programming and Coordination
  • Department for Rural Development Policy
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Kosovo


Igor Hrovatič (Slovenia)


  • Head of Slovenian Advisory Service in Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia (CAFS)
  • Project manager at CAFS


Slađan Stanković (Serbia)

The Secretary

  • Research associate, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Plant Protection
  • Institute for Science Application in Agriculture, Serbia


peter kristof

Peter Krištof (Austria)

The Deputy Secretary

  • Coordinator of international activities of the Chamber
  • Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry in Carinthia, Austria


Attila Németh

Attila Németh (Hungary)

The Treasurer

  • Agricultural engineer
  • Institute for Consultancy and Training, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, University of West-Hungary



Davor Stanković (Croatia)

Expert associate

  • Agricultural engineer
  • Master of engineering in plant sciences